I 've been playing harmonica and performing for over thirty years. I began with a Blue Grass band in Colorado, and have also played alternately, as part of the rhythm section, and also soloist in a variety of genres; Folk, Country, Blues (of course), Rock, Pop, Rhythm & Blues, and even Hawaiian. Two recent sample set lists are below as PDF's.

Gear List:
Hoehner Meisterclasse and Special 20, Two 6-harp belts plus a dozen spares and oddballs (high G, Low F), all major and most minor keys.
Peavey Custom 30 tube amp
Custom wood lathe mic body build by Greg Heumann - Blows me Away Productions
I also have all cables (XLR and 1/4" adapters) needed for my gear or to connect direct to a mixing board, also have own bookshelf-size Peavey Impulse monitor with stand.

I've performed in both acoustic and amplified settings and enjoy both. Experience includes 8-piece Bluegrass band, 6-piece Blues band, 6-piece Pop covers band, harmonica/guitar duo (coffeehouse style), harmonica/flute/guitar trio, to 12 piece R&B/Soul band where I was part of a 4-piece horn section.

I relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico in December 2016 and am eager, interested and available for casual relaxed jamming to paid gigs.

Alaska/Mainland bands - Rock, Pop, Rhythm & Blues/Soul Set List
Hawaii band - Rock, Pop, Rhythm & Blue, Hawaiian

Video - Lanai, HI performance with Alapa Drive, July 2012 - YouTube (More videos available at this link - * All cellphone vids, not best quality but you can get a feel for the music)