I 've been playing harmonica and performing for over thirty years. I began with a Blue Grass band in Colorado, and have also played alternately, as part of the rhythm section, and also soloist in a variety of genres; Folk, Country, Blues (of course), Rock, Pop, Rhythm & Blues, and even Hawaiian. Two recent sample set lists are below as PDF's.

Gear List:
Hoehner Meisterclasse and Special 20, Two 6-harp belts plus a dozen spares and oddballs (high G, Low F), all major and most minor keys.
Peavey Custom 30 tube amp
Custom wood lathe mic body build by Greg Heumann - Blows me Away Productions
I also have all cables (XLR and 1/4" adapters) needed for my gear or to connect direct to a mixing board, also have own bookshelf-size Peavey Impulse monitor with stand.

I've performed in both acoustic and amplified settings and enjoy both. Experience includes 8-piece Bluegrass band, 6-piece Blues band, 6-piece Pop covers band, harmonica/guitar duo (coffeehouse style), harmonica/flute/guitar trio, to 12 piece R&B/Soul band where I was part of a 4-piece horn section.

I relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico in December 2016 and am eager, interested and available for casual relaxed jamming to paid gigs.

Alaska/Mainland bands - Rock, Pop, Rhythm & Blues/Soul Set List
Hawaii band - Rock, Pop, Rhythm & Blue, Hawaiian

Video - I am lucky enough to play music with a great group of folks out in my neighborhood of Eldorado in Santa Fe, November, 2023. We recently performed at a benefit concert on the Day of The Dead, covering music by sadly departed musicians.
Appearing as the Eldo Jam Band, here are two of the tunes we had great fun with, both by Robbie Robertson. Special thanks to Gregory Vaughan for the video and sound mix!

Video - Lanai, HI performance with Alapa Drive, July 2012 - YouTube (More videos available at this link - * All cellphone vids, not best quality but you can get a feel for the music)