BONES, a very special event of storytelling and dance featuring Lana'i long-time favorites
Nyla Fujii-Babb and Yukie Shiroma, instructors for the Youth Art & Story Program
BONES is a darkly humorous exploration in dance, music, and story inspired by classic Hawaiian storytelling and the mystique of ancient human bones.

Created & Performed by Nyla Fujii-Babb & Yukie Shiroma
Masks & Textile Design by Michael Harada
Costumes by Gary Fujimoto

Presented in conjunction with Monkey Waterfall. original production sponsored by the Statewide Cultural Extension Program of the Outreach College, University of Hawai‘i, Manoa with
financial assistance from the Hawaii Tourism Authority & Maui County Office of Economic Development. Many thanks for their dedication to keeping art alive in Hawaii!

Thanks to the crowd of almost 100 who came out for "Bones" at the Four Seasons Lodge at Koele on Sunday, November 2, 2008 and special thanks to Four Seasons for hosting our live events in their wonderful space!

Artist Statement
From a very personal place we began to explore in dance and story the power of human remains to call forth very different reactions from people all over the world—human bones as artistic icons, bones as something mystical, as the essence of the ancestors . . .
Death drives our ambitions, fuels our fears, impels us to action or to paralysis even while we attempt to defy and deny its certainty. Yet Bones remind us of Death in the midst of Life. Bones remind us that Life does not necessarily end at Death.

Created & produced in cooperation with the County of Maui - Office of Economic Development, the Hawaiian Tourism Authority and Castle & Cooke Resorts, LLC and Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels