Bento Rakugo - Lanai Library, April 25, 2013

Rakugo is a traditional Japanese comic storytelling where a performer sits on a zabuton, which is a Japanese pillow, and tells a comic story using a Japanese fan and a Japanese towel. It has been one of the most popular Japanese traditional theatre forms along with Kabuki and Bunraku.
Bento Rakugo is a dynamic group whose mission is to honor traditional Rakugo and also bring a modern twist to it. Lanai was lucky enough to have them visit us on Thursday, April 25, where they delighted an audience of 60+ with a nice mix of keiki, middle schoolers and adults. The storytelling was wonderful, funny and charming. Ben’s juggling got the kids completely wired and fired up, and Serena closed the show with a Japanese ghost story that had the front row of keiki on the floor huddling together in gleeful terror.
Visit their web site to learn more and see touring information!

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