The 16th Avenue Quartet Jazz show - Lanai City, HI - April 28th, 2012
This talented quartet, back on Lanai after two years by popular demand, performed a 90-minute program for a capacity seated crowd of 200 happy jazz fans in the Great Hall and the Dining Room. The Quartet’s adaptation of their lecture/demonstration to suit a performance venue like the Lodge at Koele was subtle and well-executed. Bailey Matsuda’s delivery of the speaking portions was warm, fun and invited the audience to really listen for the rhythmic shifts in the songs that followed each short talking point. The quartet were the epitomy of professionalism, easy and great to work with, and clearly felt comfortable and relaxed in the Lodge venue. Band members commented afterwards that this was a really pleasureable and special venue, due to the room’s warm ambience, the comfortable overstuffed chairs and the excellent acoustics, and how even though people were eating and drinking, it did not have the atmosphere of a bar.
They quickly developed a rapport with and won over the audience with their performance that ranged from fun, clever and tasteful to sharp, brilliant and soulful. The selection of tunes was far-ranging, all gradually increasing in the lesson and evolution of the show’s educational theme, and the audience responded to all the music, whether it was the lilting samba, "Wahine Ili Kea" by Rev. Dennis Kamakahi or the original composition by guitarist Bobby Nishida, "Bumpin' on Columbus". The group capped off the night with Bailey Matsuda's "The Sceptic", a tune that embodied everything he'd been talking about, with elements of blues, swing, 2-3 clave, hip hop and funk.
This concert concludes the 2012 series, which has ranged from Chinese acoustic music to classical Chamber music to jazz. Despite reduced funding, the series reached a combined audience of over 750 people, including the Musicians-in-the-Schools programs that touched 200 keiki and youngsters, among them over 50 young musicians at LHES.
Now in its third year, these free concerts are made possible by funding from the University of Hawaiian Manoa Outreach College, The Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts and our amazing local partner here on Lanai, Four Seasons Resorts. We couldn't have asked for a better finale for the season! Thanks to all, we'll see you next year!

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Created & produced in cooperation with the University of Hawaii at Manoa Outreach College, Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, The National Endowment for the Arts, the Hawaii Friends of the Library and Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels