The Off-Island Art Day project took Lana'i students to Honolulu for a full day of art experiences. Winners were selected through a contest run in conjunction with Lana'i High and Elementary. The assignment was to create a work of art in any medium (painting, ceramics, drawing, etc.) that depicted one of their favorite people, places on Lana’i or one of their favorite things to do on Lana’i. We received 36 entries from students at the school. 5 winners, ranging from 4th to 11th grade traveled to Honolulu with Lana'i temporary resident instructors Saskia Reinholt and Natasha Haugen plus Ross Hakoda, LHES art instructor. The winners enjoyed behind-the-scenes curator tours of The Hawaii State Art Museum and The Honolulu Academy of Arts, where they met two professional artists in Honolulu.

Two artists Michael Arcega and Jean Shin were installing new shows at the Academy, a rare opportunity, and the kids got to meet them and see what's involved in setting up a show. They had lunch at the Academy's cafe, and then went to the Hawaii State Art Museum. Another highlight was when they were taken into the Academy's vault were they were able to stand inches from an original Van Gogh and a Monet! Everyone of the kids came back charged up and ecstatic. This was a great, great project, made possible by $1000 from the Royal Lanai Yacht Club, $500 from the Mike Carroll gallery, and $500 from the V. Larsen Gallerie, representing reknowned Lanai artist John Wullbrandt.

The folks at both museums really rolled out the red carpet for our group, just amazing response over there. Special thanks to The Honolulu Academy of Arts Education specialist Kita McCord and Hawaii State Art Museum coordinator Susan M. Hogan